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Cutest couple in TV history: Hyde and Jackie

Jackie: Steven Hyde, you were right. We will never be friends. We’ll be more than friends. Because now, I love you!
Hyde: Oh my God, will you shut up?

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When Steven is unhappy, I know our relationship is in good shape.

Then we’ve been tip-top since the minute I met you.

sometimes i need to be reminded how i would die to have that jackie-hyde kind of love.

never really posted long blogs here, but seeing this post just reminded me how love isn’t always about sharing the same personalities, same ideals, or, most importantly, same love languages. people could be polar opposites and fall in love happily ever after. it’s all about compromise. give way for what makes her happy, give way for what makes him happy, because that’s what love is all about. it’s having someone who has your back when you’re up against the world.

to the girl who had my back,
you might not even know these two, but they’ve shown me how love really is: kampihan. and like i said to you, gusto ko ikaw kakampi ko. our situation might be much more complicated than all this, but if this works out (and i will work my ass off for it), i hope this would be a reminder of how our differences can be solved by giving way for each other’s happiness. i’ve also realized how love isn’t about being the perfect person for the other. i’ll tell you everything that i feel: how happy i am, how sad i am, how angry i am, how i disagree with you. no more hiding my imperfections and insecurities, because you deserve the whole package.

P.S. forgive the lack of cohesion and synthesis of ideas in this post lol. once again, these are just my feelings, i know, but i will walk the talk.

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onting push


onting push

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hello, world.